Switch Tasmania Inc. was formed in 2011, when a group of community and business leaders decided to do something about fostering a culture of innovation in our region. This was in response to the “doom and gloom” that perpetrated the media at that time. Our initial intent was to provide mentoring and other support for aspiring and existing business owners on a volunteer basis.

We currently deliver professional business advice and consultancy on behalf of the Tasmanian Government and Australian Government, and deliver a number of events and other initiatives, thanks to generous community support.


Summary of our Strategic Plan July 2015 – June 2018


This Strategic Plan was developed over several sessions involving CCI directors and personnel in July and August 2015. This simplified format has been prepared on the basis that a Quarterly Action Plan (appendix I) will be documented prior to the commencement of each quarter and reviewed at each Board meeting.

Our vision:

An innovative and entrepreneurial community.

Our mission:

CCI is committed to switching on local innovation and entrepreneurship.

We will achieve this by:

  • Providing free and low cost business advice, coaching and related assistance to those with a business or business idea, including social enterprise;
  • Being flexible, adaptable and mobile – providing support for people, when, where and how they need it;
  • Identifying and attracting investment to support innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Integrating with and complementing other effective forms of support provided by governments and other service providers, and helping people navigate and connect to such services;
  • Providing networking forums and professional development events that support innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Working with schools and other stakeholders to identify and support the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs; and
  • Establishing a supporting a network of volunteers to help us with our mission.