Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones and property in this week’s devastating floods. If there is anything we can do to help clients and other businesses impacted by the floods, please don’t hesitate to sing out.


Once any immediate threat to life or property has passed, consider how you might be able to reduce the impact of the flood. This might include:


  •  projecting the cashflow consequences of interrupted trade, repairs etc.
  • contacting key suppliers who may have been impacted by the flood, to discuss whether or not there are consequences for your business.
  • contacting and reassuring any customers who may be indirectly impacted by what has happened to your business.


Cheers, Daryl and the team.




The Tasmanian Government has today boosted the Rural Relief Fund. The RRF is administered by Rural Business Tasmania and can help farmers’ access up to $2500 for household expenses which are often out of reach for farmers in crisis.


The RRF provides crisis relief to eligible farmers within 48 hours of application from anything from household goods, fence repairs to fodder.


Applications are open at: www.ruralbusinesstasmania.org.au or by phoning 1300 88 3276




Given recent events, many employers may be wondering whether or not staff who cannot get to work, or for whom there is no work, should be paid.


The Fair Work Ombudsman website provides some guidance: https://www.fairwork.gov.au/…/pay-during-stand-down-and-sev…




As some landline phone services have been compromised by the floods, we contacted Telstra to ask how business owners can divert their landline to their mobile phone. Telstra advised calling them on 13 22 00.