Ever been to a bar, club or restaurant where the vibe or atmosphere is dead, boring or noisy, you want to leave but you’re not sure where to go next?

Burnie team, Cain and Russell from YaVibe, a vibe sharing mobile app for bars, clubs and restaurants, experienced the same problem. They found that some places were pumping and others were quiet or boring but you don’t know until you get there or you know someone already there.

The guys set out to develop a mobile app that enables patrons within the venue, share the vibe to people looking for a great venue, with a great vibe to have a great time. Perfect for people new to town or locals looking for another place to visit. They can search for the type of bar, club or restaurant they are looking for and the type of vibe they feel like experiencing right now.

There are 6 types of vibes to select from, quiet, chilling, soulful, happy, pumping or heavy. Vibe rings pulse out from around the map pin. The colour defines what people within the venue say the vibe is and the rate of the pulse is determined by how many people are sharing. The more sharing the vibe the faster the pulse.

There are many apps that shares comments and ratings of venues but most of those comments are weeks old. With YaVibe it’s current.

It’s perfect for venues managers to get on board as they can promote the vibe that’s being generated by their patrons and share it with others looking for that type of vibe. The vibe is a marketable commodity which is untapped and hard to market until YaVibe come along. When patrons are having a great time, they stay longer and spend more money.

Cain and Russell are releasing the beta version, on Apple, in Tasmania, this month before going national and potentially international. Interest has been great and it will be exciting to see a local start up, that’s bootstrapping the development and marketing themselves, to take on the global opportunities that the mobile market has to offer.

We’ve had help from local support like Switch Tasmania, Daryl Connelly and Jodie Clark. “We’re just so impressed by Cain and Russell. They’re proving that hard work and determination, coupled with the tools and processes that we equip our clients with, can help north west coasters progress from having an idea to launching a national or even global business” said Daryl.

Visit www.yavibe.com to register you’re interest so we can let you know when the release is happening. We need Tasmania’s support so we can show that you don’t need to be in the Silicon Valley to come up with an idea and make it happen. Both Cain and Russell believe that anything is possible from Tasmania, you just have to have a crack.