MEDIA RELEASE: Devonport small business owner to lead Switch Tasmania


7 August 2018.


This week will see Jodie Clark replace Daryl Connelly as the Executive Officer at Switch Tasmania. Previously known as Cradle Coast Innovation, the not for profit organisation has provided affordable assistance to people with a business or business idea, since 2011. The move comes as Mr Connelly takes on a new Industry Development Manager role at the Cradle Coast Authority.


Mrs Clark, who co-owns an agricultural contracting firm, has been providing part time administration services at Switch for the past three years. She took on the part time role while looking for a new challenge as the youngest of her three sons started school.


“Jodie has been a vital part of the Switch community, always going above and beyond because she believes in what we are trying to achieve for the region. She is highly skilled and well-liked by clients, and I’m absolutely delighted to be leaving the organisation in her hands” Mr Connelly said.


Mrs Clark said, “I’m incredibly proud to be part of the Switch journey so far. I’m also passionate to support people and businesses continue to make Tasmania the best place to work, live and invest.”


It is a busy time at Switch Tasmania, where preparations are being made to deliver the Australian Government’s flagship small business program right across Tasmania, following a successful tender process. Mr Connelly is playing a key role in establishing the new service and will remain actively involved with Switch as a volunteer director.


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