Create Compelling Visual Merchandising 

Often the only differentiator between the successes of two businesses selling similar products is the way the product is visually merchandised. Fortunately presenting a retail business well does not have to be hard or expensive as there are a number of simple standards that help to make a store stand out and be easily shopped by a busy and distracted customer.

The key to a brilliantly merchandised store is making sure there is a plan to guide how it should look and the story that the space should tell. This workshop provides the foundations and steps to successfully design and merchandise a retail store to showcase the product and drive a strong commercial return. The practical step by step approach gives examples and simple tips to getting it right every time.

The program content will include:

• Planning for great store design and effective use of merchandising tools
• Building a logical store layout to generate traffic flow and turn the stock
• Designing and sourcing effective branding and signage
• Highlighting windows to generate attention and ROI

Facilitator: Charmaine Corcoran

Where: Switch Spaces, 3 Gollan St Ulverstone

When: 20th March 2019

Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

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