Thinks ‘n’ Drinks was established by Switch Tasmania to bring together like-minded people with a business or business idea. Every event up has a theme relevant to small business owners and consistently attracts a positive and passionate group of people.

This time around Thinks ‘n’ Drinks are heading to Burnie. Our hosts, Productivity Improvers will be showing us around the Elphinstone Simulated Work Environment (only 8 in the world!) and discussing LEAN for small business.

Haven’t heard of Productivity Improvers, the Simulated Work Environment or LEAN? Well, you’re in for a real treat! LEAN can be transferred to any aspect of your business, regardless of size. LEAN will teach you key business principles, how to chase waste and how to improve efficiencies and the bottom line WITHOUT focusing on the bottom line. Plus the Simulated Work Environment is a great way to learn safely while having fun. Come check it out!

Meet our panellists:

Lean Leader trainer, Simulated Work Environment Section Manager and co-owner of Productivity Improvers, Clynton Jaffray.

Sarah Jones, a Simulated Work Environment Team Leader and Associate Director, Industry Engagement at UTAS


Ross Loring from Coastal Engineering and Belting, who is also a Simulated Work Environment Team Lead. CEB has had some amazing results on their LEAN journey and their still going!

All are welcome to attend, regardless of business experience or size. We’re a friendly bunch! However, numbers are limited to maintain the intimate and casual vibe of each event so book your ticket NOW.

July, 4th 2019, from 6 pm – 7:30 pm

13 Wellington St, Burnie

Book here.