How to Build a Digital Brand… and make sure it’s the one you need.

What is a brand?

The definition has changed with time. Once upon a time, it was what you used to brand cattle and horses. Then it was used to describe the name or logo of a business. Now it is a more abstract concept.

Simply put, a brand is who people think you are when they aren’t looking.
Note: people include your customers, prospects, colleagues, competitors – anyone who could interact with your company or products.

So what is a digital brand? A digital brand is what people see, hear, feel and think about in connection with your name or business online. Digital branding is the deliberate process of creating consistently positive, appealing brand images and messages.

This workshop will show you all the steps to create the right digital brand for your business and for you as a business owner.

During this workshop we will work through managing:
– Your digital resume,
– Your personal profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc),
– Your comments on posts,
– The right look for you and your business,
– Tools to help you write well, and
– Finding a digital mentor.

This workshop is delivered as part of the ASBAS Digital Solutions program. The cost is a $55 membership fee and includes:
– This workshop
– Up to 2 hours in a one-on-one mentoring session to provide further insights and guidance.
– Access to future Digital Solutions workshops in Tasmania
– Access to an extensive online learning platform so you can further build your online business knowledge.

Spaces are Limited.  Sign up now.

When: Monday 29th July

Time: 10:00AM & 5: 30 PM

Where: Cowork Launceston 93 York St, Launceston

Cost: $55 one off membership fee, existing members FREE