Free and low cost assistance for people with a business or business idea

Enterprise Centres Tasmania

Up to five hours of free support for intenders and existing businesses.

The Tasmanian Government’s Enterprise Centres Tasmania program provides intenders and existing businesses with up to five hours of assistance, delivered at their home, business or other convenient location. We provide a range of assistance, including business advice, coaching and simply connecting you with others in our network who may be able to help.

A note about the difference between coaching and consulting

Government funded business assistance traditionally involves a business advice / consulting approach, whereby the business advisor or consultant diagnoses the “problem” that the business faces, and designs and or implements a solution. We offer this service, however we also provide the option of a coaching approach. Through a series of coaching conversations, a coach helps clients identify and achieve personal or organisational goals by helping them to increase their awareness of the situation and the options at their disposal, and holding them accountable for the actions that they agree to take. Business coaching is like personal training for business! Watch this video for more information.